Roof, Gutter and Downspout Repairs

Prompt Roofing, Gutter, and Downspout Repairs

Hire Our Technicians to Fix Your Faulty Gutters or Damaged Roof

Has a storm damaged your roof or uprooted your gutter system? Count on the experienced professionals at O'Donnell/Dean Exteriors to provide you with prompt and reliable roofing, gutter, and downspout repair services in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Complete Roofing, Gutter, and Downspout Repairs

  • Slate repair 
  • Roof tile repair
  • Gutter repairs
  • Downspout repairs
  • Composition (shingle) repair
  • Flashing replacement
  • Valley metal roof repairs
Call us for a FREE over-the-phone estimate on 
our roof, gutter, and downspout repairs at
In addition to roofing and gutter 
services, we also provide ventilation and ice removal services.
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